Experience and specialization

Dr. Skand Kumar
Ph - +919948855488                                                      
Age - 38 years


Medical Registration (India) 39048 (UP) 55376 (AP)
UK Medical Registration GMC Full Registration (No. 6025150).
Medical Indemnity membership     IMA – AP – H1/0570/04888/2006, 11750
Professional Qualifications
MRCS (Ed)                                    The Royal College of   Surgeons of Edinburgh (June 2004)
MS (Orthopaedics)                       Banaras Hindu University, India (December 1997).                                    

MBBS                                           Banaras Hindu University, India (January1994).   

PLAB                                            General Medical Council, U.K. (June 2002).

ATLS                                            Birmingham City Hospital (June 2003).


Certificate of distinction in Biochemistry during M.B.B.S. (1991).

University merit scholarships awarded during M.B.B.S. (1991-94)

Best poster award at 21st UPIOA Conference, Jhansi, India (1997).

Current appointments


Consultant Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon at Max Superspecialty Ortho Clinic,  St. Theresa's Hospital, Anupama hospital, The Deccan Hospital, Somajiguda, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Career plan


I am working as Consultant Joint Replacement & Orthopaedic Surgeon. I have wide experience in Primary & Revision surgeries of Hip & Knee joints, expertise in dealing with complex trauma surgery, lower limb reconstruction surgeries besides routine Orthopaedic surgery.


I have been principal investigator for audits & projects and have been writing papers and presenting them. I have been actively involved in complex joint replacement surgeries, participating in related courses, workshops, conferences & teaching programmes, to build my Orthopaedic career in all aspects.


I am undertaking various educational and teaching programmes such as DNB (Ortho), ATLS – Acute Trauma Support and care for the hospital doctors, casualty department and nursing staff members. I am leading the project on Joint Replacement Centre in my hospital.


Posts held in Surgical Training - United Kingdom

Registrar Fellowships (Joint Replacement) Aug 2006 – Oct 2006.

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford;  Princess Grace Hospital, London (Mr. Peter McLardy-Smith)

Registrar (Trauma & Orthopaedics) March 05 – August 06

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (Mr. M. Patterson)

Registrar (Trauma & Orthopaedics) Dec 04 – March 05

East Surrey Hospital, Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Hospitals (Mr. M. Bhat)

Registrar (Trauma & Orthopaedics)  Aug 04 - Dec 04

University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff (Mr. K Mohanty).

Resident (Paediatric Orthopaedics)  Feb 04 - Aug 04 

Booth Hall Children’s Hospital, Manchester Children’s University Hospitals (Mr. TH Meadows).

Resident (Spinal injuries & ICU), Aug 03 – Feb 04 (6 months)

Southern General Hospital, South Glasgow University Hospital, Glasgow (Mr. M Fraser).

Resident (Accident & Emergency)     Feb 03 - Aug 03 

Birmingham City Hospital, University of Birmingham Teaching Hospital (Mr. D Moore).

Resident (Trauma & Orthopaedics) Aug 02 - Feb 03 

Birmingham City Hospital, University of Birmingham Teaching Hospital (Mr. K. Lin).

Clinical Fellow (Trauma & Orthopaedics) July 02 - Aug 02

Warrington Hospital, Warrington (Mr. IM Shackleford).

Clinical Fellow (Trauma & Orthopaedics) April 01 - June 02

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals, Pontefract (Mr. SM As’ad)


Posts held in Surgical Training – India 


Registrar (Trauma & Orthopaedics)    Sept. 1998 - March 2001

Hindu Sevasadan Hospital, Varanasi, India            (Prof. SC Goel).

Registrar (Trauma & Orthopaedics)    Jan. 1998 – August 1998 

Kamineni Teaching Hospital, Hyderabad, India         (Dr. JVS Vidyasagar).

Resident (Trauma & Orthopaedics)   Jan. 1995 – Dec. 1997

Sir Sunderlal Hospital, Banaras Hindu University, India  (Dr. SK Saraf & Dr. GN Khare).

§         ‘Arthroscopic anle debridement; 5 year survival analysis, Acta Orthop Belg. 2007 Dec ;73 (6):737-40.
§         ‘Are drains required following routine total joint arthroplasty’ paper published in International Orthopaedics Journal 2006, October Vol 11.

§         ‘Counselling in digital nerve injuries of hand (accepted for publication in Archives of Orthopedics & Trauma   Surgery – Medline indexed journal)

§         ‘Surgical treatment of painful acromioclavicular dislocations’ (accepted for publication in Archives of Orthopedics & Trauma Surgery – Medline indexed journal)

§         Can radiological results be surrogate marker of functional outcome in distal radius fractures?’ (accepted for publication in International Orthopaedics - Medline indexed journal).

§         How many clinic visits does it take to treat distal radial fractures?’ paper accepted for publication in International Orthopaedics - Medline indexed journal, November 2006.

§         Letter (16.06.03) for Orthopaedic Surgery. BMJ Career Focus 2006;332:229-230

§         Correspondence published (06.03.06) on The management of avascular necrosis after slipped capital femoral epiphysis. J Bone Joint Surg 2005; 87-B: 1669-74

§         Correspondence published (15.06.05) on Triple arthrodesis: is bonegrafting necessary?: The results in 100 consecutive cases. J Bone Joint Surg 2005; 87-B: 175-8

§         Role of Suction drains in Primary total joint arthroplasty (abstract). Kumar S, Penematsa SR, Parekh S. J Bone Joint Surg; 88-B: Supp II, 243.

§         Rhabdomyosarcoma presenting as a calf pyomyositis (Case report). Kumar S, Chougle A, Meadows TH. Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics B, 2005; 14: 226-227.

§         Should patients with some features of digital nerve injuries be explored?  Kumar S, Penematsa SR, Shewring D. The Surgeon 2005; 03(3): S47.

§         Does radiological result represent the expected functional outcome in distal radial fractures? Kumar S, Sadri M, Penematsa SR, Deshmukh SC. The Surgeon 2005; 03(3): S11.

§         Colles’ fracture; a week later. Kumar S, Sadri M, Deshmukh S, Ansari MZ. Journal of Emergency Medicine 2004; 26(4): 476.


Podium presentations

§         Modified Weaver-Dunn procedure for chronic painful acromioclavicular joint dislocations’ 7th European Trauma Congress, Slovenia, 2006. 

§         ‘Exploration of digital nerve injuries’, XVII Combined congress of SECMA-BSSH, Spain, 2005.

§         ‘Functional evaluation of distal radial fractures’, XVII Combined congress of SECMA-BSSH, Spain, 2005.

§         ‘Failure rate of distal radius fracture reduction performed in A & E department, 6th European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery, Netherlands, 2004.

§         ‘Evaluation of results of Talar neck fractures’, 6th European Congress of Trauma & Emergency Surgery, Netherlands, 2004.

§         ‘Inter-hospital Transfers of Spinal injury patients’, Annual Meeting of British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine – Scottish chapter, Edinburgh, 2003.

§         ‘Analgesia for reduction of Colles’ fractures’, 2nd Mediterranean Emergency Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 2003.

§         ‘Colles’ fracture; a week later’, 2nd Mediterranean Emergency Congress,  Barcelona, Spain, 2003.

§         ‘Early prediction of fracture healing by ultrasonography in operated femoral fractures’, 16th North Zone Orthopaedic Conference, New Delhi, India, 1997.

Audits and Projects

§         ‘Digital nerve repair’ performed at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK, 2005.

§         ‘Evaluation of talar neck fractures’ at City Hospital, Birmingham, UK, 2004.

§         ‘Results following introduction of transfer protocol for transferring spinal injury patients’ at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, UK, 2003.

§         ‘Management of fractures of distal radius in Accident & Emergency department’ at City Hospital, Birmingham, UK, 2003.

§         ‘Role of suction drains in primary THR & TKR’ at City Hospital, Birmingham, UK, 2002.

§         Project on change in ‘Oswestry Disability Scores’ following caudal epidural injections for intervertebral disc prolapse and spinal stenosis, Brighton, UK, 2006

Courses/ Conferences attended in last 6 years

§         16th annual conference of Pediatric Ortho Society of India, Hyderabad 2010.

§         IOACON, Kolkata, India, December 2008
§         2nd Indian Society of Hip & Knee Surgeons conference, New Delhi 2009.

§         Advances in Hip & Knee Replacements, Chennai 2007.


Birmingham Hip Resurfacing course, London, September 2006.

§         Instructional course in Hip Arthroplasty, Edinburgh, August 2006.

§         Workshops on bone allografting techniques, cemented and cementless revision, cement removal and proximal femoral osteotomy, Edinburgh, August 2006.

§         Hip Resurfacing workshop, Leatherhead, September 2006.

§         The London Hip Meeting, London, May 2006.

§         Modern Techniques in Knee Arthroplasty, Harlow, May 2006.

§         Monoaxial, Circular & Hybrid Frames, London, March 2006.

§         AO/ASIF principles of fracture treatment, Leeds, June 2005.

§         External fixation of fractures, London, March 2005.

§         Primary Hip Arthroplasty, London, January 2005

§         Basic Knee Arthroscopy, London, April 2004.

§         Diabetic foot management and orthotics, Glasgow, March 2004

§         Awareness in child protection, Manchester, July 2004

§         Paediatric Advanced Life Support, Edinburgh, October 2003.

§         Care of Critically ill Surgical Patients, Stoke-on-Trent, May 2003.

§         Advanced Life Support, Manchester, October 2002.

§         Pain Management course, Birmingham, September 2002.

§         Microsoft Computer courses, Varanasi, India, August 2000.


Conferences attended

§         7th European Trauma Congress, Slovenia, May 2006. 

§         XVII Combined congress of SECMA-BSSH, Spain, April 2005

§         6th European Congress of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, Netherlands, September 2004.

§         2nd Mediterranean Emergency Congress, September 2003, Spain.

§         Indian Orthopaedic Society (U.K.), Hartlepool, United Kingdom, 2003.

§         Annual conference of Indian Orthopaedic Association & workshops on Internal fixation and Joint Replacements, Dec.2000, Jaipur, India.

§         National Ilizarov Conference & workshop, Dec. 97, Varanasi, India.

§         6th Neurotrauma & Spine Surgery conference, August 97, Varanasi, India.

§         21st UP chapter of IOA Conference, February 1997, Jhansi, India.

§         UPCON 95, 19th Annual Conference, February 1995, Varanasi, India.


Posters presented

§         ‘Drains in Total Joint Arthroplasty’, The Quincentenary Congress, Edinburgh 2005.

§         Management of mutilated hand injuries with External fixations and soft tissue coverage’, 21st UPIOA Conference, India, Feb.1997.

§         ‘Ultrasonography in fracture healing’, 21st UPIOA Conference, Jhansi, India, February1997.


Research thesis

§         ‘Clinico - radiological Evaluation of fracture healing following Intramedullary Nailing of Fracture Shaft of Femur: Reaming vis-à-vis non-reaming’ accepted and awarded M.S.(Orthopaedics) degree by Banaras Hindu University, India, 1997.

Work in progress
   §   Paper in progress on ‘Tarsal tunnel syndrome following talar neck fractures’.
        Professional Experience

     Orthopaedics & Trauma:

 In UK, I had been conducting clinics, perform on-call duties, supervise in-patient care, arrange multidisciplinary referrals, consent and work as a team. I have been trained in reduction of fractures & dislocations, joint injections, plaster application, surgical procedures such as excision biopsies, implant removal and plastic surgical procedures.

 I have been performing surgical procedures such as DHS, hip hemi-arthroplasty, ankle fixation, K-wiring, general Orthopaedic procedures and tension band wiring. I perform and train resident doctors in IM nailing, plating, arthroscopy, corrective osteotomies, amputations, joint arthroplasties, revision arthroplasties, limb reconstruction and spine surgeries.    

 Accident & Emergency:

 I was a Team leader in ‘The Resuscitation room’ and managed life threatening emergencies such as poly-trauma, cardiac arrest, MI, respiratory failure. 

 Apart from the duties of casualty officer, I managed difficult situations such as agitated patients and breaking bad news.

      Spinal injuries and Intensive care unit:

I was involved daily clinical assessment and management of spinal patients in the Intensive care unit, the High dependency unit and the rehabilitation wards.

I transported Spinal injury patients to other hospitals and to Dublin with Shock transfer team in Air-ambulance. I participated in specialised spinal clinics and in Spinal surgery.

Paediatric General and Orthopaedic surgery:

I participated in clinics, clinical care and performed procedures, under supervision, in Paediatric Orthopaedic theatres. I developed expertise in communication skills & resuscitation skills in children.

Teaching Experience

§         I presented seminars & cases and was actively involved in academic activities in hospitals I worked, in U.K. and India.

§         I undertake Journal club presentations.

§         I taught medical and nursing students in India and U.K. hospitals with instruments, models and hand-outs.



§         Supervising junior doctors and coordinating patient care working as a team.

§         Preparing & coordinating Trauma & CEPOD lists.

§         Transfer protocol co-ordinator at National Spinal Injuries Unit, Glasgow.

§         Organising secretary of Hospital day celebrations (1992, 95 & 2000).

§         Rota master(1996,98)at Banaras Hindu University & Kamineni Hospital.

§         Organising secretary of  medical camps (1995) and mass education (1999) in India.


Other Professional Memberships

§         Life member of Indian Orthopaedic Association and Indian Medical Association.

§         Life member of Varanasi Orthopaedic Club.

Outside interests
§       Swimming & lawn-tennis.

§       Cultural events and debates at University level.

§       Involved in Rural Education Programmes in India.




Mr. Ian Bintcliffe

Consultant Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon,

The Royal Sussex County Hospital,

Eastern Road,



Preferred contact - ianbintcliffe@aol.com, Ian.Bintcliffe@bsuh.nhs.uk

Telephone:  01273696955 Ext. 7849, Fax:  01273664987


Mr. M. Patterson

Consultant Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon,

Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust,

Princess Royal Hospital,

Lewes Road,

Haywards Heath.

RH16 4EX

Telephone:  01444441881 Ext. 8258, Fax:   01444441879

E-mail – Marc.Patterson@bsuh.nhs.uk, Angela.Morris@bsuh.nhs.uk


Mr. M. Bhat

Consultant, Orthopaedic & Hand Surgeon,

East Surrey Hospital,

Canada Avenue,



Telephone:  01737231740, Fax:  01737231841

E-mail – mbhat1965@yahoo.co.uk


Mr. K. Mohanty

Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon,

University Hospital of Wales,

Heath Park,

Cardiff. CF14 4XW

Telephone:  02920746362, Fax:  02920745399

E-mail - khitishmohanty@hotmail.com