Some difficult cases done by us
Severely deformed painful arthritic knee in Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  Following succesful Total Knee Replacement - painfree movements and walking 
 Nerve repair 
 Ilizarov ring fixator for complex fractures and deformity correction 
 Ununited fracture of disal Humerus/arm - successfully fixed with locking plates 
 Severe ankle and foot deformity corrected with Ilizarov limb reconstruction set 
 Fixator removed after achieving correction
 Multifragmentary contaminaed open fracture of tibia and femur - healed with Ilizarov ring fixation
 All wounds healed well 
 Multiple fractures of lower leg, ankle and hind foot treated with combination of techniques 
 Olecranon fractures fixed with TBW 
 Lower leg and ankle fractures with screws and nails
 Upper leg/knee joint region fractures treated with Ilizarov minimallyinvasive surgery.
Lower thigh/femur multifragmentary fractures treated well with Supracondylar nails and screws
Another example of T-Y lower femur severely comminuted Open fractures                   
Severely contaminated/infected deep wounds in children healing well with proper surgical care
Knee region fractures with deep wounds and severe skin damage healing well with Ilizarov fixation