#Neck of femur treated with DHS plate fixation
                                                    Tibia upper end fractures with locking plates
                                    Fixation of wrist fractures and POP - minimal invasive techniques
                                                  Knee dislocation - very rare but serious
                                                                      Forearm ORIF
                                                          Humerus/arm ORIF
                                       severe Sacroiliac joint disruption treated with screw fixation
                                   Myosotis ossificans due to elbow fracture massaging by bone setters
                                                  Neck of femur fracture with cannulated screws
                                             Segmental femur fractures treated with nailing
                                                                      Forearm fractures
                                                            Shoulder fracture - dislocation
                                                                   Tibia fibula fractures
                                                Intra medullary nailing
                                                    Clavicle fracture with ORIF plate and screws
                                                        Lower radius wrist fracture ORIF
                                                                     Femur nailing
                                                    Tibia Leg fractures treated with nailing
                                                                    Tibial Nailing
 Wrist distal radius fracture fixed with K-wires                 Base of thumb fracture fixed and POP applied
                                             Severe ankle fractures fixed with plate and screws
                          Lower femur fixation - using ORIF failed, finally healed with Nailing
                                                         ORIF Ankle fractures with plate and screws
 Hip hemiarthroplasty                        Bipolar hip replacement
                                                               CRIF Wrist fracture
                  Severe open communited contaminated fracture of leg bones - Gustio grade 3B
                                                            Ilizarov external fixation
                                                                DHS - ORIF hip fracture