Exercise Videos

https://youtu.be/RBQpB5EUrAQ - Back Shoulder exercises new 2

https://youtu.be/pdCDem0KI4o - Back Exercise Video new

https://youtu.be/gHM9dZynuC4 - Shoulder Exercise Video new

https://youtu.be/F1XjyCubP_0 - Neck exercises new 2

https://youtu.be/7d_tYRDGOJs - Neck Exercise Video new

https://youtu.be/5lVIM-AStSg - Lower limb Hip, Knee exercises

https://youtu.be/cP2oMRXOm_g - Lower limb Hip, Knee exercises new 2

https://youtu.be/TvC45B1j0Qw - Lower limb Knee Hip Ankle Exercise Video new

https://youtu.be/ubCkS659fkk - Standing Lower limb Knee Hip Ankle Exercise Video new

https://youtu.be/ZA5P_LTd3qY – Sitting Lower limb Hip, Knee exercises new 2

https://youtu.be/G_TLd9hKwFk - Back extension exercises on floor

https://youtu.be/YH2c8cU6D8A - Hand Elbow Exercises Video new 1

https://youtu.be/X5dk98PROxU - Wrist Hand Elbow exercises front view

https://youtu.be/DornxyLOM5A - Wrist Hand Elbow exercises side view

https://youtu.be/3Dlo96YgMAs - Elbow Exercises Video new 1

https://youtu.be/fBsuJc0vab4 - Elbow Exercises Video new 2

https://youtu.be/5tXMdpw4YN8 - Ankle Exercises Video new

Each position should be held for 10 seconds at maximum point of movement/bending

Then back to neutral position with relaxation for 10 - 30 seconds

Repeat each exercise posture 5 times

Each movement should be done very slowly like yoga

Any hurried/speed movement could lead to more injury

Slow movements relax and stretch the muscles, ligaments and tendons, thus helping in recovery.

Each set of exercise should be repeated 5 times, and upto 3 times daily.

Hence 10-20 times for each exercise per day.

In severe pain exercises are done slowly to the tolerance of pain and 3- 5 times per Hour to relieve muscle spasm.

Please take pain relieving medicines to speed-up recovery and do exercises for quick recovery.

Overdoing the exercise can aggravate the pain and worsen the problems

Also more than 5 times in each sitting should be avoided as it can increase the pain and discomfort.

Pls note: Disclaimer -

Exercises prescribed are for illustrative purposes only.

Please consult your doctor & physiotherapist before starting the exercise program.